Christmas 2012 – really nice photos

Enjoy these beautiful Christmas photos that I found on the Internet. Please let me make it clear that this photos do not belong to me. If somebody will find his photo here and wants to remove it, please let me know. Otherwise, Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy the winter holidays! Christmas dinner by Calin C. [...]

Christmas dinner

Estimable Internet traffic in 2015

According to the latest studies the Internet traffic is expected to quadruple until 2015. Is this going to be true? I don’t know but I’m sure we will find out in 2015. Infographic originally published on, found via  

MacUpdate Promo Fall 2011 Bundle

If you ever used MacUpdate, then you already know what I’m talking about. Otherwise imagine this. A nice collection of applications, valued couple hundred of U.S. dollars,  sold in a bundle worth 49.99$. It’s exactly this case. 11 Mac OS x applications, that have together a value of  487$, sold for 49.99$. If any of [...]


Great app bundle from Metakine and MacUpdate

  [UPDATE 1] This bundle promo is over. It has been replaced by MacUpdate apps bundle fall 2011. Metakine partnered with MacUpdate to offer all of its products in a bundle. This special offer features all their applications with the addition of Mac DVDRipper Pro, from DVDSuki Softwares, a great companion to DVDRemaster. Own them [...]


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