Photoshop: Same person, multiple times [Tutorial]

You know those images in which one person appear multiple times in the same photo? For example, standing at the table and talking to itself. Something like this:

First, you need the followings:

- a tripod for your camera – like this you are sure that the environment is steady and there is not modification from one photo to another, except for the subject position

- a camera – this one is quite obvious why

- a person in good mood and patience to support your project

After you have this elements, find a location with a stable light (at least for some minutes, until you get your photos). Mount your camera on a tripod and screw everything to stay fixed. I would sugest a remote controller (wired or wireless) for your camera, if you are doing this photos in low light, to avoid any equipment shake. Ask your subject to move in the frame after each photo.

Your result should be at least 2-3 photos to achieve this effect. It can be more, depending how wide are your lenses, but you need at least 2 photos. My photos look like this:

Now that you have your photos, follow the next steps:

Step 1

Open all your photos in Photoshop. You will have 3 Photoshop windows, one for each photo:

Step 2

Keep 1st photo as it is, and from the second one click the existing Layer and drag it over the first photo. The result should be that you have on the first photo 2 Layers, one for each photo:

Of course that in this moment you’ll see only the photo in the Top Layer (Layer 1) and not the one under it. If you toggle the visibility sign (the Eye next to each Layer), you can reveal the image in the Background Layer.

Step 3

Add a Layer Mask to the Top Layer (Layer 1):

The result should be the following:

Step 4

With the Top Layer (Layer 1) selected, toggle visibility on / off to spot where your subject is positioned in the Bottom Layer (Background Layer). After you find its position, check the Top Layer to be visible and choose the Brush Tool. Check that your Foreground color is Black, Layer Mask is selected and then paint over the first image on the spot where you think your subject is on the first photo in the Bottom Layer.

The result it that your subject should appear on the current layer. Don’t worry if you paint a little bit extra. Since the images suppose to be identical, with the exception of your subject there is no risk. Anyway if you reveal there something that you don’t want, choose White as your Foreground color and paint back. The disturbing elements will disappear.

On the Layer Mask you see the spot where I had to paint, to reveal my subject. The size (Master Diameter) and Hardness of the Brush tool is a personal choice.

You should see something like this:

Step 5

Flatten your image:

You could keep the existing Layers, but it will be a little bit tricky after you add the next Layers.

Step 6

Repeat steps from 2 to 5, as many time as you need until you have your Subject visible on all positions. For me, I had to repeat these steps only once more, as I have only one position left.

The result you see has to be close to the first photo in this tutorial. If it doesn’t or you have any issue with this tutorial, please feel free to ask for help in comments.


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